Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bigger Than Jesus

I'm in a Beatles Phase. I tend to cycle through Zeppelin/Dylan/Radiohead/Beatles Phases with some minor obsessions in between. I think it has something to do with the tides. This may not come as a surprise to anybody, but the Beatles made some pretty good music. Oh, and McCartney was better than Lennon.


"Hey Jude"
"Strawberry Fields Forever" (also Ben Harper's cover)
"For No One" (also Elliott Smith's cover)
"Tomorrow Never Knows"
"Carry That Weight"
"Get Back"
"Eleanor Rigby"
"A Day in the Life"
"Getting Better"
"In My Life" (also Johnny Cash's cover)
"If I Needed Someone"
"Drive My Car"
"Let It Be"
"Hello, Goodbye"
"Yesterday" (apparently this is the most covered song in history, but I can't find mp3s of any)

Paul McCartney:

"Maybe I'm Amazed"
"Ever Present Past" (brand new, great single)
"Band On The Run"

John Lennon:

"Working Class Hero" (also, Green Day's and The Academy Is...'s cover)
"Jealous Guy" (also, Elliott Smith's cover)
"Imagine" (definitely not A Perfect Circle's cover, that is pretty terrible)


SparkNotes on the Life of Patrick Liam Griffin:

I.) I completed my 2007 Spring semester with passing grades
i. Research and Dysphagia: two B's
ii. Practicum: A
II.) I moved back to Plymouth two weeks ago
i. great to see my family, dog, and 2 out of 3 cats
a) the third cat is a dickhead, sheds everywhere, and never shuts up
I. I give him a kick in the butt whenever I can
ii. basement flooded in March and mushrooms were growing in my room
a) new rug finally put in and as of last weekend I have a bedroom
III.) I'm working 5 days a week at New Bedford Rehab Hospital and (for the most part) enjoying it.
i. I was dressing up and wearing a white labcoat, but I've decided on scrubs
ii. 45-minute, scenic drive
iii. class in Worcester twice a week 4-7
a) burning some serious petrol
IV.) I'm working weekend mornings at Plymouth Country Club
i. I'm "The Rough Guy"
a) sitting on the biggest mower we have and driving around in circles
A. good to be back
i. not making much money
a) but, making enough money to break even on gas
V.) I've got noticeably fatter.
i. 25 pounds since August 2006 according to my doctor
a) also increased blood pressure, apparently
A. grad school sucks
ii. however, I'm going to my old gym again after several months of injuries, and slacking
iii. living on SlimFast and protein shakes
a) I love Hydroxycut
VI. I am very, very disappointed about the Celtics' lottery.
i. Greg Oden would have saved this franchise
a) Kevin Durant would not have
ii. We better hope for Corey Brewer
a) if he's there at 5
iii. We better get Yi
a) if he's there
VII. "24" better get its act together next year
i. Jack Bauer fights zombies!
a) "24 Days Later"
A. my idea, don't even think of taking it
a) correction: nuke Chloe, then NO MORE NUKES
VIII. The Office finale was great
i. Jim needs his old hair
a) A Halpert without the indie shag is scarcely a Halpert at all
ii. I secretly worry about next season
a) Ryan as Michael's boss would be absurd

All for now. Peace.